Water Heater Repair Serving Boise, ID – Water Heater Replacement


No one realizes how important their hot water heater is until it is on the brink. Is your water looking a little rusty or has your water gone completely cold? These are both signs that your hot water heater is malfunctioning. Veterans Plumbing knows water heaters and we will be out to our Boise residents or businesses quick to assess the situation.

Water Heater Repairs

Many times your hot water heater is easily repaired. It could have a burned out heating element or a high temperature limit switch could be faulty. We know these terms mean nothing to you; however to us this is another day on the job. Veterans Plumbing in Boise will easily be able to determine the problem and rectify the situation. If the case is severe and you do need a new tank we will also be able to help with that. We offer all the great brands including the tankless options!

Water Heater Installation

If your hot water heater does need replacing we are here to discuss with you the many options that are available to our Boise residents and businesses. Water heaters come in either gas or electric and the size is also a factor. This will depend on the usage of water you intend to use. We are also able to install the new tankless hot water heaters. These provide continuous hot water and are very energy efficient. They are a bit on the steep side, but over time will save you money. Whatever option you choose feel confident that Veterans Plumbing will install your new tank with quality and a great price.

Our services and products include:

  • Water softeners
  • Water treatment
  • Water Heater Repair & Replacement
  • Drain cleaning
  • Faucet Repairs and replacements
  • Toilet repairs and replacements
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodels
  • Exterior hose bib replacements

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